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Search Advertising (PPC/PPV)

Let IBS create and manage your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Search Advertising campaign. It is the best way to drive high converting traffic to your web site immediately. No other form of advertising guarantees precisely targetted visitors to your site for a pre-determined, known cost set to your exact budget. IBS can even manage the entire process for you at a fixed monthly management fee so you never have to worry about all the complicated rules or costs spiraling out of control.

PPC can also be an integral part of your overall traffic plan and goes hand in hand with Optimization and other free traffic generation methods. Search optimization will improve your rankings and eventually drive organic, "non-paid" traffic to your site, but it takes time to develop and there are no guarantees. You can use PPC during the initial development stage of your campaign and then reduce yout budget to "filling in the blanks" once other methods have begun to bear fruit. In any case, with costs as low as $0.10 per visitor, PPC is still much cheaper than many advertising options - particularly offline advertising such as print or television ads - and it provides your company with 24/7 exposure.

Unsure which search advertising option is best for your site? Contact IBS for a consultation or quote.