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Keyword Analysis

Competitive keyword research and analysis is a complex and extensive task, but finding the right keywords is the foundation of any optimization, marketing or advertising campaign. In fact, in a perfect world, keyword analysis should be the first step in developing a web site! Unfortunately, to select and implement the proper keywords (phrases), you would need a background in web development, search engines, internet marketing, social marketing, traffic generation and local search. Fortunately, you can find all those skill sets at IBS.

IBS works "hand in hand" with the client to first learn your industry and the goals for your site, and then find the best keywords to accomplish those goals. The next step is to perform a competitive analysis to see what your main competitors are doing. You don't want to copy your competition, but you need to know what you are up against.

Another thing that must be considered during keyword research, but is often overlooked, is the searchers intent. The key is to find searchers that are looking for exactly what your site is offering. For instance, if you sell a product, you want users looking to buy that product, not just searching for general information.

Too often, site owners will select keywords that are too broad resulting in:

  • Shorter phrases and single words
  • Generic industry terms
  • Lots of traffic, But...
  • Very difficult to rank and compete
  • Lower conversion rates

With IBS, you will get "Laser Focused", "Long-Tail" key phrases that will:

  • Be longer and more targeted
  • Create lower overall traffic but much higher conversion rates
  • Find users that are well into the buying process and looking for what you have to offer

Contact IBS to receive a comprehensive keyword analysis and report for your website or specific web pages.